Don’t Let Others Opinion of You… Run You

If you agree with me today, I’d like to ask for your help.

Many of us (to include myself at times) let other peoples opinions of us bring us down. When we give value to a negative opinion someone may have of us, we lose our power, become weak and settle for mediocrity.

Watch Jack Canfield tell this true story of what happens when you let someone else’s opinion of you… RUN YOU.

After you watch it please share this video with as many people as you can, because so many of us our guilty of doing the same. Let this video remind us all that giving away our personal power to someone else is one of the worst things in the world we can do.

Follow the simple instructions at the end of this video and let’s share this message with as many people as possible… thank you in advance for your help!

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You Have Greatness in You

Here’s what I know about you…

You have “It” … “there is something special about you” How do I know this?

Well you here, opening our emails and watching our speaker videos. Obviously our video content has made some impact or resonated with you on some deeper level or why else would you still be here.

And what I know is that people (You) who stick around watch our content, Have Greatness In Them!

Today’s video is meant to by-pass your brain and go straight to your heart. This is a “Must See”.

Ready for a shot of inspiration? Watch the video below right now!

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I’ll Be Happpy When…

So many people grind through life saying,
“My life will be better and I’ll be happy when…”

– “I make more money”
– “I get a new job”
– “I get that new car and my new house”
– “I retire”
– “I get out of school”
– “I buy the Seattle Seahawks”

Yes, you heard me right…I’ll only be happy when I purchase a football team.

Listen as Jack Canfield explains how his friend thought he could find happiness by becoming an owner in the NFL. Let this story remind us all that more often than not, “things” only give us the temporary illusion of long lasting happiness…watch this video to see what it took to turn this NFL owner around!
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